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Michiana Dressage Club

Michiana Dressage Club

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Michiana Dressage

2022 Year End Banquet

at Reins of Life

11 / 11

Year End Awards 2022

2022 MDC Year End Video Link >

Video Created by Michelle Stiegart Fobert

Limited Edition 1st Level AA

Michiana Dressage Club

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall weather with all the vibrant colors from the leaves changing its colors. Not long and the streets and fields will be covered in white snow that is shining like diamonds in the sun.

With this said, can you believe that we have already neared the end of the 2022 horse show season.

 What a wonderful year it has been. Filled with fun & laughter … meeting new friends, which share the same passion as all of us … our wonderful four-legged best friends.

  I am so proud of all our MDC members that participated in the 2022 show season and overcame hurdles they thought was not possible, staked out new goals for the year 2023.

 You all can be so proud of your accomplishments. 

The MDC Year-End-Awards are to highlight the hard work of members that demonstrated their skills and received constructive feedback from credible judges to help them to improve and progress their dressage riding skills. These awards are to reward the individuals ‘ hard work’.

 Having sponsors to help cover the cost of these individual awards allows the MDC Board to allocate our funds for wider purposes, such as holding instructional clinics. 

Please consider being a 2022 MDC Awards Sponsor!

It only takes $25. 00 to sponsor a Year-End-Award but would put an endless smile on the recipient’s face!

You can either indicate the category you are interested in sponsoring with a check mark or highlight on the Sponsor form at the link below, or let the MDC committee choose for you.

Are you ready!

Deadline to receive your sponsorship is Monday, November 14, 2022. Please mail completed form with your check to:

Elizabeth Grainger, 19478 Miller Road, South Bend, IN 46614

Thank you so much for you support.


Kerstin Tijerina                 

MDC Points Officer

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